The Irondequoit Neighborhood Roundtable is a group made up of one leader from each of the Town’s active neighborhood associations. Meeting four times a year, the group desires to enhance quality of life for all residents by working to establish new associations, help residents find and connect with existing associations as well as open lines of communication between established associations and encouraging them to work together. Furthermore, the Roundtable works with town staff, elected representatives and other community leaders to leverage the strengths within each of our neighborhoods and bring additional positive attention to the entire Town of Irondequoit.

Roundtable Leadership:
President: Alex Wirth

Important Roundtable Links: 

Roundtable Constitution 
View our mission, purpose and goals as well as get a better understanding of how the Roundtable functions.

Roundtable Meeting Agendas/Minutes 
Upcoming meeting agendas and past meeting minutes can be found here.

Roundtable Meeting Schedule 
Yearly overview of the four quarterly Roundtable meetings for neighborhood association leads.

Facebook Group
Elected Board Members of Irondequoit Neighborhoods may join our Facebook Discussion Board here. Be sure to answer the joining questions in order to gain access.

Launch Tracker
New neighborhood associations are assigned provisional status until basic requirements are met, ensuring that each group is fair, welcoming and democratic. Leads can track thier progress to full membership here.

Other Links Not To Miss:

Neighborhood Association Guidebook 
A guidebook designed specifically for Irondequoit residents with the aim of helping community members plan, organize and maintain neighborhood associations for their communities. The book outlines the step by step process to getting started as well as shares helpful tips and trick to help you be as successful as possible in your endeavor.

Quick Start Guide
A high level overview of the Neighborhood Association Guidebook designed for new groups. Here you will find a 12 step guide to getting started, FAQs for new groups and a listing of supports available to group leaders.

Town Neighborhoods Website
See how the Town and the Roundtable work together to provide information about each association to residents.